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Radiant; bright with joy, hope, etc.: radiant smiles; a radiant future.
Pretty; pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness: a pretty face.

Welcome to RadiantPretty a rating community that's not focused on just looks, we want the whole package. We want diverse individuals with a passion for life. Elitism does not belong here!
This community is about making friends, having something to do when you're bored and having people to talk too. The application is not hard but we want to make sure we cut out the lazy people, the harsh and horrible people, after all, it's only the internet!



- There is no age limit, gender preference or orientation preference.. anybody can join because we're not elite.

- When you have joined you need to post your application within 3 days. Please fill it in when you have at least half an hour on your hands, we don't like them to be rushed.

- Members should vote on an application with "Yes", "No" or "Sway" if you do not reply to a "sway" vote within the 48 hours of voting then it will be classed as a vote. Mod's votes count as 3 so please vote "x3", same goes to people that have earned the "+vote"

- Applicants must not post or reply to any other posts apart from their application, if you do you will be warned, then banned. When replying to voted on your application please delete the subject as it makes it easier to count the final vote.

- There will be no form of bullying at all. Bullies and people that are just plain childish will be warned, then banned. There is no excuse. We will work on a 3 strike rule, it's simple enough, just don't be a twat..basically.

- If you have read the rules you will put your name as the subject line of your application.

- You should join isitasecret as well as this community when you're applying. It's not a rating community but it is a feel good one. Lets make everybody smile!

- Please keep as active as possible! I don't want this community to die again because we all like to build friendships here. If you haven't posted at least once in a month you will get a warning. I hate doing this but it has to be done.

- Members must put STAMPED in the subject of each entry.

- When voting on the applicants please do not be 'br00t4lly honest', be nice and give constructive comments, if you give any at all. Please put "Yes" or "No" or "Sway" in the subject line or your vote will not count.

Questions? Comments? ask here.


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the_sweetest_ - Our main sister. Everyone from this community gets auto accepted.
All Affiliates get 5 auto accepts for their members.

*to get the auto accept you must post what community you're from.