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my house caught fire, and burned to the group...we lost everything
no im not kidding. at about 10am Tuesday morning my fiance and i were woken up by her mothers screaming that the house was on fire...and it was...we barely had time to grab all the dogs and run out of the house with only the nightwear we had on. unfortunately we lost our bunny Frank, out two snakes Page and Dahmer, 20 gold fish, and our betta- Geezer (not to mention, literally EVERYTHING have ever owned...all we have are the things we were able to purchase at walmart) i am using a computer at the hotel we are staying at...after today im not sure when i will be able to post anything again. the red cross put us up here for three days tomorrow at 11am we MUST leave and have basically no where to go...
i just wanted to let every one know for anyone who knew my addy and saw on TV that the house burnt down that i was ok, i ahve no phone and dont kow anyones addy7 and the internet is my only way of connection and communiticating with everyone. forgive me for all my spelling errors and random added letters and numbers theres only a limited time allowed on this computer, and i want to find pictures of Frank.
<3 Barbie
please send your prayers, and good vibes.
thank you.

if anyone has anything they can send IE clothes (sized SMall-3XL), food ANYTHING...
please send to
3410 bruton rd
plant city fl 33565
or drop things off at
Your Crazy Uncle in Plant City, FL 33565
its off of HWY39...its where my Fiance works at.

my fiance and i are moving in with my uncle in Tampa, FL.
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