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Name: Holly
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Location: Southeast Georgia
Status: Married
Sexual Preference: Straight
Nationality: Amerasian
How would you describe your style?: Cute and Comfortable.
Bands/Singers: Hinder, Saving Abel, Nickelback, Brantley Gilbert, Montgomery Gentry, Colt Ford
Actors/Actresses: Favorite Actor- Adam Sandler Favorite Actress- Jessica Alba
Places to shop: Forever 21, American Eagle, Hollister, Rue 21, Wet Seal, Beall's Outlet (a discount place I used to work for we got cute clothes for cheap prices, the only thing I miss about that place is the discount)
Food: Eggrolls, Kimbop, Fried Shrimp, Hot Wings, anything Pasta, Chicken, Fruits and Veggies
Color: orange. my car is even orange =)

Say something you think will win us over. GOOD LUCK.
At the beginning of this semester my human growth and development teacher had each of us post a message on our message board giving the answer to one distinct question "What do you want the dash on your tombstone to represent" and this is my answer:
I have decided that I want people to remember me for my helpful manner; whether it be riding in a car for two hours with a friend to pick up her step-dad just so she doesn’t have to ride alone or being remembered for being that first responder and one day nurse that helped save a family member’s life. I do not want the title of “hero”, I just want to be one of the ones there to help. I want to be able to care for the sick and injured, and I want to be that sliver of hope for their families.
I will have to continue on with my education to become a nurse in order to pursue my life goals and ensure that I live my life to its fullest potential. For now I am taking baby steps by taking my Mod 1 firefighter test for the state of Georgia and passing as well as completing a State First Responder course. My main goal now is to just finish up my time at Armstrong and hopefully become one heck of a nurse!

Give us something you feel very strongly about and elaborate on it. We don't want to see just 2 sentences!
Yielding to the Right for Emergency Vehicles: This topic is one that irks my nerves every day. My husband is a firefighter/emergency medical technician and I am a volunteer firefighter/first responder in our hometown of Midway. Why is it so hard for people to slow down and move to the right for an Ambulance or Fire truck? I could not count of my fingers and toes, let alone my fingers and toes + your fingers and toes how many times I have been sitting in a fire truck suiting up for a fire or racing to hopefully save someone's life and we end up slamming on brakes and/or taking ages to get to the scene because Billy Bob in front of us is chatting away on the cellphone and doesn't realize that the fire truck with all the flashy lights and ringing siren is behind him. Please be aware of your surroundings while driving. I know how loud the siren is inside the cab of the truck, so I know that you; the people in front of us can hear it too. It kills me when that same person later has a life threatening emergency and the first thing they want to do is hate on the fact that "you took to long". I've been in the back on an ambulance working a full arrest on someone's mother/grandmother/sister/daughter and had to hold on for dear life as the medic driving had to slam on brakes and swerve to miss the idiot that just decided to stop in the middle of the highway and not move to the side of the road. I don't think people realize that one day that could be their family member that we are racing to get to or racing to save so they don't feel the need to move out of the way. Please Yield to the right for emergency vehicles because one day that maybe you. Give others the same respect you would want to receive of have given to your family members if that was the situation.

Say something to your mod theshakesss: you're really pretty and I enjoyed reading your profile!
Will you be active?: Yessum
What can you bring to this community?: activeness, being involved, some amerasian lovin'
Who is the Best Looking Member?: hannah_manson is effin' gorgeous
Who is the Worst Looking member?: edit: I really think that all of you are pretty in your own way. But to me the worst looking member is mimsygove, nothing against you but I don't think your member picture suits you very well.
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excuse the craptastic salute it's 2:00am and I can't sleep. Will definitely post another when I look 10x better.
*your member pic.

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