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Alex DeLarge

Stamped. Survey +5

How is your day going so far?
I've been on Facebook at work all day.

Do you have anything planned for later on?
One of my best friends, Jimi, is coming down from the North of England for the first time in a year, almost. We're going for a rare old drink.

Anything going on in the next month that you're excited about?
Jimi visiting. Getting my student loan, and buying my flight to Korea.

Who was the last person you texted?
Lee from uni.

Who do you wish you could see right now?

What was your last dream of?
The last one I remember was about moving to Korea, and being really sad when I woke up.

When was your last car ride, who with, and where'd you go?

It was with Sam and his mum, and I got a lift home from my grandparent's to my house.

Who was the last person to make you smile?
I can't remember. I smiled at the guy in the post office, but that was through politeness, not anything else.

Who was the last person to upset you?
Myself. And indirectly, my grandparents for playing a video with my dad in. I got a bit teary.

What did you do today?

Is there anything you really want to do right now?
See Jimi. Erase most of the past week, bar Sunday evening.

What was the last major purchase that you made? God knows. My ticket to Korea, probably. I don't ever make major purchases.

What are your plans for the weekend?
I'm working all weekend. Hopefully Zaid will visit, and I expect I will get drunk at some point.

What is the last song you listened to?
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk, while I was putting up the papers at work.

Do you like the way things are going for you right now?
Uhm, half and half. It has the potential to be brilliant

Is there anyone you've got your eye on currently?
Zaid. He's gorgeous, and funny, and we've had some sort of casualish thing going on for like, 3 months, due to distance and busy schedules, but he's a good guy.

Do you think you're a good person?
No. Not really. I'm self-centered, and my morals aren't brilliant.

What would be your ideal job?
Realistically, teacher in Korea/Japan. Unrealistically, I always wanted to be a forensic investigator, or photographer.

What is your favorite song?
Currently, 'Bruises' by Chairlift.

What are your pets names (if you have any)?
I don't have 'pet names', as such. Lee calls me 'hun' or 'sweety' a lot, and Sam calls me 'Carps' but apart from that ^^

What kind of vehicle do you drive (if you do)?
I do not.

Would you change any part of your life right now if you could?
I'd have my dad out of prison, work one less day a week for the same money, be better at time managing and be learning Korean efficiently, and sort out my man issues.

Would you change any part of your past if you could?
I'd erase a few bedroom encounters.

Who do you want to win in the presidential election?
I barely know who's running.

Do you think the country will become economically better or worse in the upcoming year?
Worse. Credit crunch and all.

Do you like piercings better or tattoos?

Have you met the person that you'd like to spend the rest of your life with?
I'm not sure. There's someone I've thought I might like to, but I can't see it ever happening due to him living the other side of the world.

Do you chew your nails often?
Only when they get long.

What's your worst nervous habit?
I'm not sure. Pacing, maybe.

Are you wearing a bra right now?

How many days have you gone wearing the same pair of underwear?
Ever? Maybe 2.

Have you ever dated someone in a signed band?

When was the last time you went out to eat?
I eat out every day I'm at uni. Okay, it's Wetherspoons, but still.

Do you prefer American Idol or Canadian Idol?
I've never watched either. I'm English.

Is your hair up or down right now?

Do you like roller coasters?
I do quite enjoy them, yes.

What store do you shop in the most?

Are lyrics important to you, or is the music more important?
Music, I guess.

When was the last time you had a barbecue with your family?
A good 3 years ago, I reckon.

Do you text often?
ALL THE TIME. It's costing me too much money. Seriously.

Where are you going tonight?
To the puuuub. And probably to French's for karaoke mockery.

What did you do for your Sweet 16?
I think I went to an Italian restaurant with like, 4 friends.

Have you ever been in a musical?
I was in Bugsy Malone.

What was the last birthday present you got from your dad?
I have no idea. Money, maybe. Probably. I know he bought me a bike a couple of years back, but I never got it.

What do you think about global warming?
I don't care enough.

What color are your headphones?
I don't have any headphones.

Have you ever been to a territory in Canada?

What would be the most romantic way someone could propose to you?

At the Seoul tower in Korea. Couples link up padlocks to the fence to symbolise their eternal love. I'd love to be proposed to there after linking our padlocks to the fence. ^^

Which movie theater do you usually go to?
Odeon, if any. I rarely go.

Where do you and your friends hang out usually?
Wetherspoons. Hahaha. Drunks.

Do you consider marriage sacred?
I would my own, yes.

What is your favorite dessert?
White chocolate and ginger cheesecake.

Do you know how to speak Chinese?
No. I know a little Korean, and a little Japanese though.

When people laugh at you, it's most likely because you ...
Are hilarious.

Do you have a long, complicated last name that people always say wrong?
No. But I have a short simple first name that people always say wrong.

Are you going to a concert in the next three months?
No, probably not.

What are you waiting for?
10pm, so I can go and see Jimi!

Do you cry at funerals?
I've only been to one, and I was hysterical.

Are you the type of person to pretend you like someone, or are you right out with how you feel about them?
I don't tell people if I don't like them, but it kind of shows. I don't bother to talk to people I don't like.

Do you remember the first pet you ever had?
I had a lizard called Gizmo. That was my first personal pet. My mum had a dog caller Kruger before that, though. And a bunch of snakes.

What are you going to do now?
Eat before my cashier goes home.
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