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Name: Samantha, but Sam tends to be most common
Age: Nineteen
Sex: Female
Location: Daytona, Florida, United States
Status: Have a boy
Sexual Preference: I'm pretty straight
Nationality: German, Irish, Native American
How would you describe your style?: Whatever is comfy, really

Bands/Singers: Pink Floyd is hands-down, my favourite of all-time. Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Shins, Sublime, Kings of Leon, The Police, The Cribs, Beck, Say Anything, The Honorary Title, Cold War Kids, Led Zeppelin, Jack Johnson, Jose Gonzalez, Black Sabbath, Franz Ferdinand, The Kooks, Johnathan Rice, Thrice, Explosions in the Sky, The Coral, etc.
Actors/Actresses: Kevin Spacey, John Cusak, Andrew McCarthy, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Zach Braff, Shia LaBeouf, Steve Carell, Matthew Perry, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, Kevin Smith, Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, Corbin Allred, Jason Segel, Christian Bale, Reese Witherspoon, Christopher Masterson, James Franco, etc.
Places to shop: Thrift stores
Food: Chicken Parmesan
Color: Orange

Say something you think will win us over. GOOD LUCK. I was a loyal member before, haha. I love the idea, the concept, and the premise of this place, and I think it has some of the best potential. I've recently wanted to get super active in some communities, and now that this is back, I'm stoked.

Give us something you feel very strongly about and elaborate on it. We don't want to see just 2 sentences! Politics. And, jeez. I have never believed that it's as clear-cut and black-white as just Republican or Democrat. I don't think that the stereotypes are any better, either. I, personally, think it's the woman's choice, abortion-wise; I think that in cases of incest, rape, and such, it's incredibly important for a woman (sometimes girl) to have that option. However, it's not just another plan B, it's nost just another form of birth control. I think that, while Global Warming is an issue, temperatures have been worse than this at times, and it's been just the same eighty years ago. Some people are trying to make it out into something else, and while we still have time to limit the inefficiencies, it's not the biggest concern. Man, I could just go on-and-on.

Say something to your mod theshakesss: I'm so glad, well, you know how I feel.
Will you be active?: Heck yes. That's why I re-joined.
What can you bring to this community?: I'm sarcastic, spontaneous, fun, opinionated, out-going, and open-minded. I think that always permits either really good fun, or really thought-provoking action.
Who is the Best Looking Member?: Well, theshakesss is pretty pretty.
Who is the Worst Looking member?: I don't think we have any, yet, haha.
Promote us in 3 places and provide direct links: Aw, I can't even remember where I promoted last. Hold on.. one, two, and three.

Show us at least 5 actual pictures of your self, no links!

(I don't have any salutes, yet. I'm getting my camera back the 25th, though :[, I'm so sorry.)
*your member pic.

(Again, sorry about the salute. I literally [just yesterday] sent in my camera for touch-ups.)

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